Every two weeks we are creating the opportunity to find the magic of the Andes and share the wisdom of Master Wachuma. Our retreats will start every Thursday and end on Monday morning. The programs will be organized in order to facilitate what is necessary for each participant. Your early registration will allow us to offer the best in this retreat.

Due to the nature of the different people that will attend this event, we will separate the logistics. If you have a particular date in which you wish to have this experience with sacred plants, then write to us to see the adaptation of these retreats that can be adjusted to your needs. In the next part you have the description of the itinerary and this will lead to the necessary link to see the investment in relation to each particular case.

PROGRAM: 6 NIGHTS / 7 DAYS btn_paynowCC_LG

CUSCO CITY 8 copy 2Arrival in Cusco, reception and transfer to the place of accommodation. Easy day to rest and follow the process of acclimation. At the indicated time, a meeting with our representatives to clarify the itinerary of this retreat and provide additional information for the Wachuma ceremony and to solve any question that may be clarified. Meetings scheduled after your arrival. At the right time a vegan meal will be shared, which will help in the process of acclimatization to the altitude.

TIPON CEREMONY copyAfter breakfast, at 11 am, we will travel to the Southeast to reach the Water Temple in Tipon. This is an incredible center created by the ancient Inkas where the water element is still active; the place will be used for meditation with purification rituals and to begin our preparation for the Wachuma ceremony. This power site will require a moderate walk, so appropriate shoes are recommended. Our work will finish around 3 pm and then we will return to Cusco to complete our day with a delicious vegan meal. This meal will help prepare you better for the ceremony with the power plant. We take this opportunity to have an educational conversation, then each participant will return to their accommodation and be ready for the next day. TIPON CLEANSING copy

SOLAR INITIATION copyAfter breakfast, at 10 am, we will explore two power sites to learn about ancestral wisdom and in meditation we will connect with terrestrial and solar energies as a way of preparing for the Wachuma ceremony. We will visit the master place of Q’enqo to educate ourselves about technologies and ancient wisdom. We explore the magical world of the Andean sages who connected with the master plants as a way of activating consciousness. We will have a dynamic to anchor the terrestrial energies that will be profoundly necessary for the ceremony of the following day. We will continue to the master place of Saqsaywaman and, in a shamanic exercise, we will work with solar energy and air frequencies to complete our preparation to celebrate with Wachuma the next day. Then we will return to Cusco and finish this day with an excellent vegan meal that will be the last until the next morning. We return to our accommodation and use the rest of the afternoon for personal meditation to complete your intentions for the main ceremony.SAQSAYWAMAN TEACHINGS copy

M ceremony copy 3NO breakfast and meeting at 8 a.m. to begin our ceremony with Master Wachuma. This ceremony will take a few hours. We will have a gentle walk to get closer to the Apu (Spirit of the mountain) who will receive us and give us the space to explore the strength of Mother Earth helping us to open our heart and our mind guided by Master Wachuma. We will dedicate at least 2-3 hours in this first part of the outdoor ceremony and, at the right time, we will return to our exclusive ceremonial center where we will complete our ceremony with the use of instruments. The ceremony and its meditations will help us to understand our path and to act deeply in a healing action if necessary. This is also a beautiful moment to manifest the intentions in which you have been working. This will be a very special moment to clarify doubts if they still exist or to see their own master path as the main objective of their life. Once the work is finished, we will be ready to share a last vegan meal and in communion expand this great energy on the planet. Return to your room and enjoy the rest of the day in relaxation.WACHUMA HORI 2 - copia

After breakfast, we will travel to the Sacred Valley of the Inkas to discover in ceremony and meditation the wisdom of our Andean ancestors. Visit to Moray, an incredible temple of the Earth that connects with the cosmos, here we honor Pachamama in a great meditation. We will continue to the sanctuary of Ollantaytambo and explore this site that is beyond the common realities. In this place, we will ask permission for the great gates of the Crystal city of Machu Pijchu to be open for us. At the right time, in the afternoon, we will have the train to travel to the village of Aguas Calientes. This small village will be the base for our connection with Machu Pijchu the next day. W OLLA copy

INTIWATANA JUNE SOLSTICE copy 2Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will have the Aguas Calientes administration bus to arrive at the entrance of the great Inka city of Machu Pijchu. After a greeting ceremony, we will discover this incredible center created by the masters and we will revive in ourselves the teachings of ancient times. We will walk to awaken to a new vision for our spiritual and material path. We will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of our being, in such a way that we penetrate our own heart. This is a unique day and if physical conditions are in your hands, you will be offered a surprise when you find the power of the sacred mountains. After great teachings and recognition of your own initiatory path, we will prepare ourselves to expand the energies of love for the planet. At the appropriate time, we will descend to the village of Aguas Calientes and prepare our return on the train and vehicle to Cusco. Arrival and transfer to our accommodations at nightfall. MALLKU INITIATION copy

CUSCO CITY 4 copyAfter breakfast you can continue in Cusco or other places. If you continue with us, we will inform you the day before about the departure time. If you continue alone, after breakfast you will follow with your own organization.



-US$ 1350 (In TWIN or DOUBLE accommodation) – Based in two participants.
-US$ 1630 (In SINGLE accommodation)

*Reception & transportation to the accommodation at arrival. Please confirm the air/bus/train of your arrival, the right information will assure the right pick up.
*Lodging for 06 nights with daily breakfast according to your plan in sharing room or individual accommodation.
*Visits to the power sites mentioned at the itinerary with the entrance fees.
*04 Vegan meals, see the details on the day by day.
*Ceremonies, offerings, meditations, shamanic experiences, Wachuma teachings & others.
*Trains & entrance fees to Machu Pijchu
*All teachings leaded by Mallku.
*Trans out at finish itinerary, please confirm where you are going next to organize correctly your pick up.

*Flights, or other transportation out of the event proposed.
*Other meals, which probably will be not necessary, you will receive instructions for this additional if needed.
*Personal expenses.
*Other not mentioned.


If you plan to stay longer in the Cusco region or even explore other important places in Peru, let us know, our team can arrange any extension making your visits to be in the same energy you experienced in this retreat. Continuing with similar energy will help enrich your personal search, so write us beforehand, and we will help you make your visit to the Andes unforgettable.




TITI AMA copy 2

AJAYU copy



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